Sound Imagery – Music Library

The Sound Imagery Music Library.



Sound Imagery  is is a music library, composed by Rene Ahoud.

Sound Imagery, launched recently, is comprising of  storytelling, cinematic  and atmospheric tracks or plain simple melodic quirky tunes.

The music feels  “organic and human”.  The library consists of pre-made tracks that can be customized and licensed. Custom tracks or scores can be commissioned.

Are you working on films, documentaries, commercials or any imagery or online content that needs supportive and original music?  Find out how Sound Imagery can give your story more impact!



All tracks are available for a non-exclusive license.  Sound Imagery is a one-stop solution meaning I currently own all the rights to the works. You can browse the library to listen to the tracks.  To actually download the  track for use in your project you need to request access.  To use the music you need a license.

The tracks in the Sound Imagery library have a specific length.  If you prefer a specific part or customization of length or type of mix, this can be done for you at request.  Simply contact Sound Imagery and let us know your wishes.

How to get permission to download tracks?

Go to library / browse the library.    In the library menu (on the top left side) choose: sign-in (you can sign in using Facebook, Google or Dropbox.    Send an email to to let me know you have registered for an account to download.    In response I will give the account permission to download mp3’s.

Once you know what tracks you would like to use we’ll arrange the license. 

I f you prefer customization of the track (length or mix etc..) we will immediately take that into account as well. 

You will then soon have the (made to measure) 48k/24 bit wav/aiff files at your disposal.

The Sound Imagery Library.

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